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Clear Fractional
Painless and Safe Removal of Dermal Pigmented Lesions

About Dermal Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented Lesions can vary in depth, color and location. Women often notice this type of pigmentation during or after pregnancy. When it comes to treating dermal pigment it is important to select the right laser in order to avoid making the condition worse.

Most lasers rely on heat and remove pigment through a “photothermal” effect. Clear Fractional seeks to remove pigmented lesions without heat. The laser pulse is so rapid that a sound wave shatters the pigment into tiny particles. The body’s own processes carry the pigment out of the system and it begins to lighten.



How Does Clear Fractional Work?
Clear Fractional delivers a beam of light so fast that it breaks up pigment into tiny particles without any significant heating or damage to the surrounding skin. The Tri-Beam system further reduces heat by only treating a fraction of the skin with each pulse of light. Delivering a fractional treatment in combination with the optimal pulse duration makes Clear Fractional the safest, most effective treatment available for dermal pigmented lesions.

Can You Describe the Treatment Process?
The operator will make several passes over the treatment area which takes about 5-10 minutes from start to finish. This is a very comfortable treatment so no topical anesthetic creams are necessary. Your skin may turn slightly pink immediately after the treatment which will fade over the course of an hour.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
Most patients will get improvement after a single session. 4-6 treatment sessions will deliver the best outcomes.

What Kind of Side Effects Are Associated With This Treatment?
Very rare cases will result in darkening of the pigment. Clear Fractional’s patented hand piece helps your medical provider avoid this possibility.

How Long Will the Results Last?
Clear Fractional treats dermal pigment at its source, making the results long lasting. However, pigment can begin to reappear over time, especially if proper sun protection is not used on a daily basis. Be sure to put on sunscreen every day before going outside.


I had the laser hair removal for my under arms and it has been great.  I am one year post treatments and all I have is some light fuzz that grows that Ishave about once every 2 months.  I received 6 treatments and they said that I could go back for a touch up treatment if needed, but so far, I haven’t minded the fuzz that I shave every couple of months.  The service I received was very professional.  I plan to return for another series of hair laser removal for my legs.  I had good service here.
Lynn C.

I have never had any procedures of any kind done before and was a little nervous — Dawn was very informative and gave logical advice on what I was looking to have done — I chose the laser treatment for sunspots on my face — she explained every detail of what was happening during treatment and what will happen over the next several weeks — looking forward to a clearer complexion and making my next appointment on the next steps of my preventative maintenance.
Wendy B.

I have received excellent services provided by Dawn. She is always professional while being personable enough to make you feel comfortable. I have received laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and scar treatment utilizing the skin p.i.n. I feel like all of the equipment is top of the line and I am VERY happy with my results. I highly recommend this business and will definitely use them again in the future. I really can’t say enough good things about my experience (which could have been very awkward).

Casie M.